Final Report from Recent Plastic2Oil Stack Test Reconfirms Process Viability

Posted Jan 20th, 2012 in 2012 News Releases

THOROLD, Ontario, January 20, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – After completion of audit and peer reviews of the stack test conducted on December 5-6, 2011 by Conestoga-Rovers & Associates ("CRA") on its Plastic2Oil ("P2O") processor, JBI, Inc. (the "Company") (OTCQB:JBII.PK) has received the final emissions report from CRA. This report further validates the viability of the P2O process and allows the Company to apply to the New York Department of Environmental Conservation ("NYSDEC") for a modification to its Air Permit to run at significantly higher feedstock rates.

In December 2011, three separate stack tests were performed on the existing P2O processor with a pre-melt system. Only unwashed, unsorted waste plastics, including various industrial plastics (buckets & barrels, waste meat packaging, bags, etc.) and gas tanks from scrap cars, were used as feedstock for the test, consistent with the feedstock the processor is currently converting into ultra-clean, ultra-low sulphur fuel.

The three tests were conducted at feed rates of 3,258 lbs/hr, 3,233 lbs/hr and 3,932 lbs/hr, respectively. Ultimately, the test results proved that emissions decreased with increased feed rates. Emissions were considerably reduced through the addition of the pre-melt system (Q3) and more efficient and higher combustion of the off-gas generated by the P2O process.

Residue was not removed from the pre-melt reactor so that the internal walls could be examined. When the reactor was opened, the inside walls were remarkably clean. Two small “tumbleweeds” of clean dense bailing wire bunches were present from processing some paper mill ragger tail waste. Normally, residue and metals would be removed from the pre-melt periodically during operation.

The final report included particulate matter (PM) and hexane testing, both of which showed exceptionally low results.

Comparative emissions results from all of the stack tests performed on the Company’s P2O processor were as follows:




Original Stack Test (2010)

 Final Stack Test  (Dec 2011)



























Not tested



"In-spec" end-user fuels produced (Fuel No. 6, Fuel No. 2, and Naphtha) were also tested and verified as ultra-low sulphur, consumer-ready fuel. The conversion ratio for waste plastic into fuel averaged 86%.

“This report is very exciting for the Company as it allows us to apply for a modified Air Permit from the NYSDEC which should enable us to effectively double the capacity of our P2O processor,” notes John Bordynuik, CEO and President. “Increasing the feedstock supply rate to almost 4,000 lbs/hr will significantly increase the rate at which we are able to produce fuel from waste plastic."

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