Plastic2Oil is a clean energy company that offers technology to recycle waste plastic into liquid fuels, and dirty fuel into clean diesel. 

From Landfills to Clean Fuels

Local installations of the P2O technology can deliver economic and environmental benefits by replacing refined fuels and diverting waste plastic from landfills. 

Founding Story

The Plastic2Oil origin story begins with the vision and insights of Mr. John Bordynuik.

John saw first hand that existing legislation concerning plastic usage and the recycling technologies available at the time, would mean that our world would be inundated with plastic waste with no environmentally friendly way of dealing with the growing piles.

Burning waste plastic and the existing pyrolysis processes were not only ill equipped to deal with the world's waste plastic issues they were also toxic for the environment.

Through trial and error with catalyst development he found a way to produce clean burning, low sulphur fuels from unwashed waste plastic streams. As the processed plastic scaled up in volume throughputs, he also developed significant technical innovations which garnered patents in Canada and patents pending in the United States.

Today, the P2O processors are modular in design, self cleaning, cost effective and environmentally friendly – all due to the years of dedication, vision and intellect of the founding energy John Bordynuik brought to the world’s waste plastic problem.


  • 2009

    In 2009, Plastic2Oil began developing its P2O technology with a laboratory desktop unit. The laboratory unit was used to perform initial tests on the conversion process and to determine the quality of the fuel product. Several reputable independent labs verified that the fuel output passed ASTM testing. The Company continued to test and scale the P2O process by building a 1-ton processor.

    In December 2009, Plastic2Oil contracted IsleChem, LLC of Grand Island, NY to assist with chemical, analytical and process engineering.

    In April 2010, after multiple test runs, IsleChem validated that Plastic2Oil's P2O process was repeatable and scalable. It was concluded that almost 90% of the hydrocarbon composition in the plastic feedstock is converted into ready-to-use liquid fuel.

    The P2O team developed technology in the process to separate and refine the fuel that can be sold as a finished product directly to the Company's customers without the need for further refining.

  • 2010

    The P2O processor was scaled from a desktop model to a 1-ton and then a 20-ton commercial unit in Niagara Falls, NY. This processor has undergone significant testing, refinement and expansion.

    In the fall of 2010, an air emissions stack test was conducted by Conestoga-Rovers & Associates (CRA). The CRA stack test results have confirmed that the P2O processor emissions are not only well within the limits allowed under a New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYSDEC) Air Permit, but also approximately 15.97% oxygen is emitted back into the air through the stack from the process. Also, the processor emits fewer emissions than that of a natural gas furnace of a similar size.

    During the second half of 2010, Plastic2Oil transitioned to become an innovative fuel company.

    In December 2010, the Company leased a Materials Recycling Facility (MRF) close to its fuel storage and blending operation for collecting feedstock.

  • 2011

    Q1 & Q2 2011

    During Q1 of 2011, major additions and modifications were made to the processor, including back-end refining and fuel quality controls. On June 14, 2011, the NYSDEC issued all permits necessary to operate our P2O processors in Niagara Falls, NY.

    After extensive preparation and numerous site visits by the Canadian Technical Standard and Safety Authority, the Company received its Bulk Fuel Blending License on October 13, 2011.

    This permit will enable the Company to dye, blend and ship both industrial and transportation grade fuel from its 250,000 gallon fuel blending facility in Canada.

    Q3 & Q4 2011

    During Q3 and Q4 of 2011, the Company successfully completed the fabrication, installation and testing of the plastic pre-melt system.

    The pre-melt system is capable of accepting unwashed, unsorted waste plastic, composites and commingled materials. The pre-melt system operates on the off-gasses from the original P2O reactor system and has the ability to separate commingled materials from the plastic.

    In addition to the completion of the pre-melt system, the Company further enhanced the first P2O processor in Niagara Falls by installing “low nox” (nitrogen oxide) burners. This addition resulted in a significant reduction of already low emissions and was important when seeking permit exemptions in other U.S. states. 

    In December 2011, CRA conducted a second successful stack test on the first processor. The results of this second stack test showed emissions decreased with increased plastic feed rates, which further validates the P2O process as highly green, clean and scalable.

    During Q2, Q3 and Q4 of 2011, the Company contracted fabrication shops to manufacture parts for the second and third processor.

  • 2012

    During Q1 of 2012, the Company successfully brought Processor No. 2 online at its Niagara Falls facility.

    The design of the second processor was based on data retrieved while working with the original P2O® processor, which had undergone a number of substantial upgrades. The enhancements include a replicable and deployable modular design that leverages economies of scale with our manufacturers, the ability to cater to specific fuel needs of customers and a reduction of stack emissions. 

    In April 2012, Plastic2Oil received a positive independent third party engineering report that validated and verified the technology and economics of the P2O process.

  • 2013
    During the second quarter of 2013, Plastic2Oil brought its third processor online and considers this to be its flagship processor. The third processor included an evolved residue removal system through the addition of a third half-sized kiln that allows plasticized carbon black to be removed while the system is running and producing fuel. In addition, in early 2013, the facility-wide gas management and water cooling syste...

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Our Process

Our patent pending Plastic2Oil (P2O) process is a commercially viable, proprietary process designed to provide immediate economic benefit for industry, communities and government organizations with waste plastic recycling challenges. With our revolutionary P2O technology, we pioneered a process that has the ability to change the way the world handles waste plastic and plastic recycling.

Our Commitment

Our company is committed to environmental sustainability by diverting plastic waste from landfill and potential incineration.

We are also committed to the creation of green employment opportunities and a reduction in the cost of plastic recycling programs for municipalities and business. 

Our Success

In the race to produce usable fuels from waste products, Plastic2Oil has overcome significant barriers and stands alone with the unprecedented simplicity of its solution.

We are committed to building a company dedicated to a greener, cleaner future for the planet.

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