JBI, Inc. Receives Emissions Statistics for Plastic2Oil Processor

Posted Sep 17th, 2010 in 2010 News Releases

THOROLD, Ontario, Sept. 17, 2010 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- JBI, Inc. (the "Company") (Pink Sheets:JBII) announces the receipt of its P2O Stack Test Report performed by Conestoga-Rovers and Associates ("CRA") on the Company's Plastic2Oil ("P2O") 20 metric ton commercial processor. The stack test, which is a measure of emissions from the processor vent, was set up by CRA on August 16th and monitored by the New York Department of Environmental Conservation ("DEC"), and completed on August 17th.

The Company will file the stack test report with the DEC as part of its application to obtain a simple air permit which will allow commercial operation of the P2O processor.

The Company is pleased with these results, as they reaffirm Islechem's previous findings that the operation of the P2O processor is a clean "green" process. CRA's results indicate that the processor is emitting 14.87% oxygen to the stack, while only emitting 3.16 ppm (parts per million) of carbon monoxide, 0.81 lb/hr (86.4 ppm) of NOx, SO2 and THC were below 1 ppm, particulates tested below 0.02 lb/hr. In other words, the process puts a high percentage of oxygen back into the air while emitting very little, if any, toxic substances during the conversion of waste plastic into usable hydrocarbon fuels.

The stack test confirmed that the P2O processor emissions are below maximum emissions allowed under a NYDEC simple air permit. Because of these results, the Company believes it will not need to construct any filters, oxidizers or scrubbers for the stack, which is directly connected to the processor through a condenser to cool the air.

After the stack test, the P2O processor was shutdown to gather residue samples from within the reactor for testing. The residue was tested and found to be well below the TCLP thresholds for disposal in landfill. The residue from a P2O processor can be shipped to landfill and is not considered a hazardous waste.

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