Letter to Plastic2Oil Stockholders from Richard Heddle, Chief Executive Officer

Posted May 5th, 2015 in 2015 News Releases


To our valued Plastic2Oil, Inc. (PTOI) stockholders:

I am pleased to provide you with this update regarding the business of Plastic2Oil, Inc. (P2O).
As you know, on January 2, 2015, we announced that we had contracted to sell up to six
processors to EcoNavigation LLC upon the completion of a pilot study. Shortly afterward,
EcoNavigation presented P2O with several promising opportunities and currently P2O and
EcoNavigation are involved in multiple, complex negotiations for the potential sale and
implementation of P2O processors with several end-users and organizations.

P2O and EcoNavigation began discussions with a firm in the southern U.S. regarding a
development project that has the potential for the deployment of more than 30 processors over
the proposed project development period. This project has required significant attention from the
P2O, EcoNavigation, and O’Brien & Gere project opportunity team. Assuming P2O
consummates the deal, the anticipated testing requirements will be a three to five day run of the
firm’s specific feedstock. If testing is successful, we are expecting an initial purchase order for
12 processors for phase one of the project. In light of this new opportunity presented by
EcoNavigation and the expanded scope of our relationship, we have agreed to extend our
agreement with EcoNavigation for an additional ninety days under our current terms.

In addition to the above, a third opportunity for a three processor site, located in the northern
states, is being worked on by the above mentioned project opportunity team, and is very close
to completion. EcoNavigation continues final negotiations and work on structuring and financing.

Although there can be no assurance that our current negotiations will result in definitive agreements or successful sales, I am personally optimistic and so I wanted to share this information with you. I encourage all investors to review P2O’s periodic filings made with the Securities and Exchange Commission in order to keep apprised of any further developments.

Lastly, I am also pleased to inform you that P2O intends to engage O’Brien & Gere
(www.OBG.com), one of the leading EPC consulting firms, for these upcoming
opportunities. O’Brien & Gere’s Advanced Manufacturing business should provide us the
capability to scale-up our technology and integrate it into a fully operational manufacturing
facility. In addition, its full-service engineering capabilities, project management and control
system integration round out our capabilities to deliver efficient and cost-effective solutions to
our customers.

 I want to offer my personal thanks for the regular and extremely valuable contributions made by
our employees, management, Board of Directors and investors. I also look forward to seeing
you and sharing with you further developments at our 2015 annual stockholders meeting, which
is being planned for late this summer. Formal notice and other details of the meeting will be
presented in our proxy statement that will be made available to our stockholders and filed with
the Securities and Exchange Commission.


                                                                              Richard Heddle, President and CEO

About Plastic2Oil

Plastic2Oil, Inc. (“P2O”) is an innovative North American fuel company that transforms unsorted,
unwashed waste plastic into ultra-clean, ultra-low sulphur fuel without the need for refinement.
The Company’s patent-pending Plastic2Oil® (P2O®) process is a commercially viable, scalable
proprietary process designed to provide immediate economic benefit for industry, communities
and government organizations with waste plastic recycling challenges. For further information,
please visit www.plastic2oil.com.

With its revolutionary P2O technology, P2O has pioneered a process that has the ability to
change the way the world handles waste plastic and plastic recycling. P2O is committed to
environmental sustainability by diverting plastic waste from landfill and potential incineration.

The Company is also committed to the creation of green employment opportunities and a
reduction in the cost of plastic recycling programs for municipalities and business.

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